This is the last month left to enter G-Technology's Driven Creativity Competition - open to aspiring and professional photographers, filmmakers and musicians. The closing date for entries is 30 September 2010.

With a grand prize of €5,000 up for grabs and the chance to have their work showcased at a gallery in London's Brick Lane, free online entry is available at Entrants will be rewarded not just for the aesthetic qualities of their work, but for the dedication, invention and drive that has gone into creating it.



Examples of Entries To-date

The competition has created great buzz online, with some fantastic creativity being submitted and shared. Examples:

1) 'Empty Underground ' by J Collingridge

Here the photographer captures the usual drones of the London Underground in a different perceptive, showing the fantastic architecture. The photographer used a Canon Tilt Shift lens by shifting and rotating the lens 360 degrees, taking 14 images and giving a very large 360mb stitched image, processing using dodge and burn tools just like in the traditional darkroom.

2) 'Kissed the Canvas ' by madamefoto

This is one image from a photo series of twelve inspired by boxers from the 1920’s. This photograph embodies the theme of menacing masculinity. The photographer shot the photograph in an early 18th century house where all the interior has being conserved in its original condition to create a vintage feel.

3) 'Pensioners by the Seawall' by Simon Hanna

Most of this photographer's personal projects take him to the sea. Mainly to escape and marvel at the huge skies on offer, and to gaze at the horizon. He is fascinated by the Brits on holiday, especially in the traditional Victorian seaside resorts.

This is a 'Rights On' Contest!

The competition also recently received a seal of approval from the Bill of Rights for Artists - the international support organisation for professional image creators. The competition is now listed on the organisation's Bill of Rights Rights On List to demonstrate that it meets a set of workable and practical standards that respect the rights and creativity of image creators.

If a competition is listed on Rights On List, this means its organiser such as G-Technology can use images from entrants to promote the contest, the photographs, and the photographer, but it’s all time limited so that when the time period expires the creator has full and exclusive rights to their images returned to them.

So come on all you driven creative people, there are excellent prizes and an exhibition for the winning entries, are you up for this challenge?  Click here to enter the contest.

Click here to learn more about The Bill of Rights.