Welcome to the Artists' Bill of Rights

The Artists' Bill of Rights campaign promotes the adoption of a set of ethical standards to guide artists of any discipline in deciding what terms are in their best interests when dealing with competitions, gallleries, comissions, etc. We focus on copyright issues and their effect on a creator's legal rights.

As a creator, do understand that you have exclusive rights as to where, when, and how your work is displayed or promoted, and under the specific conditions that you desire. This absolute right has been greatly compromised in the internet world, especially by social media's terms of service. For exampe, please understand what you are giving up by promoting your work on social media, then decide accordingly.

Originally we helped rights holders review competitions that solicited their creative content. We listed those that fairly respected copyright and moral rights, and highlighted those that were more interested in gaining unfair economic advantage by promoting their interests over yours. See our Rights On and Rights Off list for examples.

If our campaign is new to you, please start with our Introduction to the Bill of Rights, then follow the links of interest.

Those Who Support our Principles