Rights Grabbing Statistics

Presented below are statistical analyses of rights grabbing in competitions and appeals seeking submissions of creative works, analysed across the private, public and charitable sectors and by types of rights being grabbed. The statistics are derived from all the competitions on the Competition Notice List. These statistics will be updated occasionally as time permits.

We may produce other analyses from the data from time to time, for example by analysing in detail rights grabbing by the various segments of the media business sector.

We believe what we have here is but a tiny fraction of 1% of the number of competitions launched by organisations around the world, however, we expect that in percentage terms the data presented here is representative of the whole. The volume of data will increase considerably over time enabling greater refinement of the statistics.

For those of you interested in how this analysis is created from the Competition Notice List, or wish to do your own analysis, further detail is given on the Spreadsheet Analysis Details page.

The statistics at the most recent date are displayed below by default, click on any of the older dates (if available) listed at the end of this article to see the statistics at those earlier dates.