What Others Say About Us

We with to thank all who have published anything about the Bill of Rights for Artists campaign. Listed below are links to the authors and publishers of articles and blogs mentioning our campaign of respect for artists rights.  We thank each of you and welcome all ideas to improve our campaign.

Please tell us what you've published regarding our campaign. We'll credit and link to your article.


ACMP, Australia; Artists' Bill of Rights press release 11 Apr 2011

Advertising & Illustrative Photographers Association; Facebook promotion of Artists Bill of Rights launch.

Angelo Stavrow Photography; news item about the endorsement of the the Bill of Rights by the National Press Photograhers Association in the USA.

APhotoEditor; The Biggest Scam in Photography; comments following the article refer to how the Bill of Rights campaign brought to a halt Microsoft's Iconic Britain copyright infringing competition and resulted in Nikon withdrawing from the competition.

APhotoEditor; My Guide to Photography Contests

Creatives at Work; Article by Eileen Fritsch entitled "Campaign Promotes Bill of Rights for Creators" giving good advice to potential entrants, we thank Eileen for referring to our articles about the fine print of photo contests.

British Institute of Professional Photographers (BIPP); Artists Bill of Rights article

British Journal of Photography; article about the launch of the Artists' Bill of Rights campaign

Bob Krist Photography; Enter This Into Pop Photo's "Travelographer of the Year" competition!

Centre of the Picture Industry (CEPIC); Artists' Bill of Rights Press release

Creatives at Work Blog; article by Eileen Fritsch (@EileenFritsch) setting out the aims of the Artists Bill of Rights campaign.

Darwin Wiggett - Photographer; Some Good Links to Check Out

D B Johnson Photography; Vita Photographic - Protecting Your Intellectual Property

Demotix; Supports the Artists Bill of Rights

Digital Photographer Phillipines;  A long discussion between of a rights grabbing photography contest organiser and complainants who repeatedly and at length quote the Bill of Rights.

DPTips Central; Article about the launch of the Artists Bill of Rights Campaign

DJ:Fotograferne; Sony erklære sin støtte til Pro Imagin’s konkurrenceregler (Bill of Rights)

duckrabbit; Scruples: So what? So Everything

duckrabbit; Picture This: We Can End Poverty...

Editorial Photographers United Kingdom & Ireland; article about the launch of the Bill of Rights

Editorial Photographers United Kingdom & Ireland; PI Forces Crown Estate Climbdown

Editorial Photographers United Kingdom & Ireland; Story describing aims of the Artists' Bill of Rights

ePHOTOzine; Photographers are given a little more support

ePHOTOzine; Nikon Small World Photomicrography Competition

ePhotozine; Story about the launch of Artists' Bill of Rights

Fair Trade Photographer; Great British Life do the Right Thing!

Gavin Gough Photographer ; Photographers' Bill of Rights

Jim M Goldstein; Bill of Rights for Photographers Proposed for Photo Contests

Jim M Goldstein; The 24th episode of 'EXIF and Beyond' discusses the Bill of Rights for Photography Competitions with Pro-Imaging's Nick Dunmur

Lynne Glazer Imagery; Giving Permission for Use Forever, Even Without Winning!

MicrostockInsider; Promoting your Stock Image Portfolio

Mistakes Writers Make; Article referring to a rights grabbing writing competition and to our capaign to combat writes abuse. This site is also an excellent resource for all writers and is published by Alex Gazzola.

nikondigital.org; Forum comments about the Bill of Rights - criticised for being poorly written.

Own-it Intellecetual Property Advice for Creative Businesses; Press release about Artists Bill of Rights campaign launch.

Pentax Discussion Mailing List; A discussion about the Artists' Bill of Rights, doomed to failure some say.

Photoxels; Are We Giving Up Too Much To Enter Photo Contests?

Photography by Odilles Blog; Odille is a photographer based in Australia and you can see her work and read her thoughts on her blog website. She has also undertaken the task of reproducing our entire memoriam to lost rights on her blog website and resequencing it into alphabetical order. Thank you Odille!

PHOTOSHELTER; Photo Competitions: What Many Organisers Don't Want You to Know

Wild Places Publishing, the publishers of Descent Magazine, have published an excellent article promoting intellectual property rights, explaining what rights grabbing is, and how the Artists Bill of Rights campaign is there advance to knowledge amongst all creators of their rights.

Words of a Wolf by Villayat 'SnowMoon Wolf' Sunkmanitu: Villayat is a Freelance Photographer, writer, poet and in his blog published an article entitled "The Artists Bill of Rights - The debate continues...". He wrote this article following a discussion on the Royal Photographic Society forum where some members felt the Artists' Bill of Rights was not a 'good thing', that it has always been the way of the world to abuse artists' rights, so we should just accept it. An interesting discussion involving completely opposed views about the issue of rights grabbing, well worth reading.

Words of a Wolf A blog by Villayat Sunkmanitu entitled "Does the Royal Photographic Society adequately support professional photographers?"

World Photography Organisation; promotion of Artists' Bill of Rights on their Facebook page.