The National Press Photographers Association is America’s oldest and leading organization representing professionals and students involved in photojournalism.   Pro-Imaging are delighted that the NPPA's Board of Directors have issued a press release endorsing the Artists Bill of Rights for Photography Competitions.

The endorsement by NPPA is of immense help to the campaign and will encourage all those concerned at the growing trend of using competitions as devices to harvest intellectual property rights. Both NPPA and Pro-Imaging have had ongoing discussions about this problem and agreed that a campaign supported by a coalition of equals will give it added strength. Pro-Imaging look forward to working together with NPPA in the campaign to further our joint aims.

We thank all the NPPA Board of Directors for their support but in particular we would like to thank NPPA board member Greg Smith for all his work on this project and with whom we had many fruitful and helpful discussions as we worked towards todays announcement.

In the press release NPPA President Bob Carey said "NPPA is delighted to endorse and support these very reasonable contest standards. NPPA, through our Code of Ethics and our own contests, has set both standards and good examples for the industry. By endorsing Pro-Imaging’s careful approach to issues surrounding contests, we can further encourage others to treat photographers and their work with due respect."

In welcoming this announcement Gordon Harrison of Pro-Imaging said "We believe that support by an organisation of NPPA's prestige and influence in the world of photography will add great strength and persuasiveness to future negotiations with organisations when encouraging them to adopt ethical standards for the treatment of artists rights. We hope that NPPA's support will also act as a catalyst for other organisations representing photographers and other creative disciplines to consider uniting in joint programs to pursue common aims."


About The National Press Photographers Association

The National Press Photographers Association is dedicated to the advancement of photojournalism, its creation, editing and distribution, in all news media. NPPA encourages photojournalists to reflect high standards of quality in their professional performance and in their personal code of ethics. NPPA vigorously promotes freedom of the press in all its forms. To this end, NPPA provides continuing educational programs and fraternalism without bias, as we support and acknowledge the best the profession has to offer.

About Pro-Imaging

Pro Imaging is an international group of full time professional photographers based in thirty or so countries.  Launched in 2004 Pro Imaging provides a private forum for the discussion of all aspects of running and developing the members' businesses, who freely give advice and support to one another on every topic in a mutual spirit of community 24/7. Pro Imaging is pro-active in campaigning in support of all photographers and in 2008 launched the Bill of Rights Campaign setting out standards for the treatment of intellectual property rights in photography competitions. Click here to learn more about the Bill of Rights.