Complaining to Competition Organisers

A Sample Complaint Email

traffic-light-stopPlease help our campaign by emailing complaints to organisers of competitions listed on our Memoriam to Lost Rights. Note that using strong emotive or abusive language, or ranting, is really not an effective way to change hearts and minds. It is possible that the organiser may be entirely unware that they are doing anything wrong. Perhaps their legal people drew up the T&C's and the organiser has not reviewed them or has not understood how they would be viewed by others.

Just calmly set out your argument about why you disapprove of the organisations terms and conditions, and why it will be good for the organisation's image to become a Bill of Rights Supporter. We have listed below a sample email that you are free to use as a basis for your own.  Attach this pdf document to your email, it sets out the reasons why an organisation should support the Artists' Bill of Rights so you don't need to do that in your email. The Memoriam to Lost Rights has a comprehensive list of organisations that rights grab - write to as many as you have time to spare.

If the Artists' Bill of Rights campaign is to be successful it is important that you demonstrate your support of its aims by contacting organisations yourself.  It will only take a moment to use our sample email to send one complaint, a few moments to personalise it. If you can, please give some regular time to our campaign, however small, and send a few complaints every week.

Millions of you giving a little time each week amounts to a powerful message.

Dear Sir,

I have noticed that your organisation is promoting a competition entitled ???????? 

The terms and condition require entrants to ?????????

The competition is an excellent way to promote your business however the terms and conditions of this contest can be viewed with dismay by potential entrants.

I would urge you to adjust the competition terms and conditions to comply with the Artists' Bill of Rights principles.

Yours sincerely

Your name