Landscape Images of Awe and Wonder

ILPOTY 2019 2nd and 3rd Place Winners

Nearly 1000 photographers from the world over entered work spanning eleven categories to compete in the sixth International Landscape Photographer of the Year (ILPOTY), a proud supporter of the Artists Bill of Rights principles.

Oleg Ershov, an amateur photographer from Moscow, Russia, held top honors as the overall winner.

ILPOTY19 WebPicsWinners

Oleg writes:

"My interest for photography began in 2007 when I bought my first DSLR camera and signed up for a photo tour to the Southwest USA. I was struck by the tremendous variety of landscapes, colours and textures found in nature. Since then, I spend all my free time improving my skills and knowledge in landscape photography. I usually spend six weeks a year on photo trips, sometimes in groups, often on my own."

101 Remarkable Winners

The magnificent quality of all the winners’ submissions clearly kept judges busy with lots to deliberate.

By way of example, the winner of the sixth International Landscape Photograph of the Year (awarded for a single image) is Magali Chesnel from France, who finds salt marshes to be one of her favorite subjects.

ILPOTY19 WebPicsWinners4

As you can see, Magali is inspired by the principles of American abstract painter Mark Rothko. Interestingly, her favorite capture device is her drone, which she carries everywhere. She rarely relies on Photoshop or Lightroom edits, rather she relies on in-camera capture as much as possible.

Magali writes:

"… my responsibility is to present the subject in a manner both factually and ethically true to the narrative I am documenting.

The Judging Panel

Chairman of Judges, Peter Eastway writes:

While humanity concerns itself with the challenges of climate change, landscape photographers are doing their part, revealing and showcasing just how amazing and worth saving our planet is."

 Our thanks go to the distinguished panel of judges for their skilled choices.

  • David Burnett, co-founder Contact Press Images, USA
  • Tim Parkin, ON LANDSCAPE Magazine Editor
  • Adam Gibbs, 2018 International Landscape Photographer of the Year
  • Kaye Davis, NZIPP Grand Master of Photography
  • Jim M Goldstein, Fine Art Photographer and Author, USA

101 Superb Landscape Photographs in eBook Form

The above are just a small sample out of many superb landscape images. All the details, including the winners and the top 101 inspiring images, are found by visiting the ILPOTY website. Be sure to view/download their eBook of the winners and the images!

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