Art of Photography Show - by Artists for Artists

Artists' Bill of Rights and The Art of Photography Show got talking recently and recognised that we were kindred spirits, each passionate about promoting artists, their work, and their rights. In the last four years our campaign has brought us into contact with a lot of great organisations and people, and in this latest instance, Steven Churchill, Producer of the Art of Photography Show.

We quickly agreed that we supported each others aims. Artists' Bill of Rights are delighted to be promoting the Art of Photography Show and that they are a supporter of the Artists' Bill of Rights. As we talked, Steve gave us some background to the founding of the project and what they are achieving. So we now hand you over to Steve who will explain what the Art of Photography Show is all about.


This project is a labor of love by a small group of hard-working photographers. The key point of the show is to provide a forum for independent photographers from around the world to exhibit and sell their work. (Last year's show exhibited artists work from 26 countries). Over 30,000 people will view the exhibition, and the Opening Reception Gala on September 29th will be attended by over 1,500 people (for free). That evening we will announce the award winning images and give away $10,000 in cash prizes, including $2,000 for first prize. And we'll be giving away thousands of copies of the Show Catalog, which will feature the images and info about each of the exhibited artists. You can read lots of testimonials from artists and attendees of our previous shows here:

This project is truly a "by artists for artists" endeavor. We're doing our best to make it very beneficial for as many people as possible. One benefit of course is getting one's work viewed by Julian Cox, who is the Curator of Photography at the de Young Museum in San Francisco. Most photographers feel that getting their work exhibited in a museum is the ultimate goal. Yet, getting exposed to museum curators is normally very difficult. Our project provides that opportunity. Below is a list of all our previous judges. I can tell you that in our previous shows, some very good things have happened due to our judge viewing the entries, including referrals to high-end collectors. And something else interesting has occurred. Our judges have asked for the contact information for several artists who they didn't choose for our show -- due to having an interest in their work for upcoming exhibitions at their museum.

Marketing and promotion for the Art of Photography Show is extensive, with national magazine advertising and coverage, numerous cross-promotions, tens of thousands of announcement cards, as well as promotion to thousands of fans and friends on social networks. Our most valuable marketing resource is our in-house list of over 25,000 art collectors, who we invite to the gallery events, etc. Additional helpful informational can be read in this PDF document:

The purpose for all of the above activities, events and efforts is to promote our artists and to sell their work. It works, we get results. And we truly love photography, so we are sincerely working to elevate and promote this art form. This exhibit is the most artist oriented win-win show I've ever seen or been a part of.

We agree with Steven that the Art of Photography Show is a great opportunity for photographers and look forward to it flourishing in the years ahead. It has now joined all the other great contests on the Rights On list and is promoted actively by Artists' Bill of Rights here.