As developers of innovative storage solutions for those looking to push creativity beyond the limits, G-Technology by Hitachi has officially announced the overall winner of its Driven Creativity Competition 2010 professional photography entry The Henley Swim by Iain Weir.



The overall winner of the competition a unique photograph that captures the misty, early morning gathering of swimmers set to embark on a journey down the Henley-on-Thames river - received a grand prize of 5,000, as well as an innovative G-Technology drive.

Open to amateur and pro photographers, filmmakers and musicians in the UK, France and Germany; the Driven Creativity Competition not only recognises the aesthetic qualities of creative work, but the invention and drive that went into creating it.

Commenting on the overall winner, jury member and professional photojournalist, Candace Feit, said: The Henley Swim is the clear winner for me. It is very powerful, and just seeing the thumbnail made me want to view it first. The photographer framed a really interesting moment. Being able to see that and capture it well, so that it makes a strong image, is truly creative.

Describing what drove his creativity when photographing The Henley Swim, Iain Weir said: Given that I'd only ever seen the Henley-on-Thames stretch of water in a rowing context, all of these people bobbing in the water was just surreal. Add to this a slight mist and the situation just became eerie. With my photography, the harder I try, the luckier I seem to get - allowing me to capture unique moments. Having rowed for many years, I'm no stranger to the river and early mornings, but when the organisers asked me to photograph their outdoor swim, I had no idea I was signing up to a 3:00am rise - but they need to race this early to avoid the river traffic. It was an amazing event to witness and one that I will continue to be a part of as long as they keep inviting me back, but I know I'm going to find this image difficult to beat!

The overall winner was revealed at the launch of an exciting gallery exhibition of all shortlisted competition entrants - held on November 16th at The Brick Lane Gallery, East London. The guest list-only evening launch bought together shortlisted and winning entrants, jury panel members, the audio, music, film and technology press, G-Technology representatives and its customers, to network and to admire all of the showcased creativity.

The public can now visit the exhibition for free and be inspired by the creative films, photography and music on display open from 1pm-6pm everyday, until November 22nd, 2010.